It is no secret that I love my everyday jewelry. Occasionally, I wear statement pieces, but most often I am wearing the same simple necklaces & bracelets, many of which are personalized with my name or initial.  I love personal jewelry because I think it makes a piece extra special when you wear it.  Today I'm sharing a few of my favorite personalized pieces & where you can buy them!

My favorite & most sentimental piece of jewelry is my Nomination bracelet.  It was a gift from my parents when I was entering 7th grade & the first 'real' piece of jewelry I had ever received. At this time, it had a ton of fun charms (think teddy bear, purse, ballet slippers, etc) and while I no longer wear any of those charms, I still wear this bracelet with my name charms to this day & rarely ever take it off.

Another favorite bracelet of mine is my Pandora bracelet.  Pandora is amazing because you can 100% personalize your charms to your interests & likes.  I designed my bracelet following my college graduation & added charms that symbolized different parts of my life at the time, a graduation cap, an ice skate for my love of hockey, a seashell for my love of the beach, etc.

If you are looking for a personalized piece that is also affordable, Alex & Ani is your best bet. I have charm bracelets ranging from my college, my initial and my birthstone - all for under $50!  These bracelets look great stacked together & have many collaborations where you can support a charity close to your heart, a favorite sports team or a sorority.

When it comes to necklaces, I love wearing my initial.  I own both a gold & a silver initial necklace.  The scrabble necklace was a gift from J and is one of my favorites because it is so unique.  The silver necklace by Sarah Chloe is great because you can totally personalized your letter & font for your necklace.  They offer a range of custom items from rings to necklaces to bangle bracelets, even cuff links for the man in your life.

My most recent addition to my personalized jewelry collection is this customizable bar necklace by The Urban Smith. The amazing thing about The Urban Smith is that each piece is customized by wording, font, jewelry piece, so that you can create a piece that is totally personalized to you, as well as more out of the box personalized options such as wedding gifts, zodiac constellation necklaces & handwriting jewelry, in which you send in your handwriting & it gets transferred directly onto your jewelry piece.  Is there anything cooler??

Which personalized item is your favorite?

Michelle Paige