Everyone has to get dressed in the morning and I believe that choosing an outfit should be fun & each outfit should make you feel stylish & beautiful. My goal with this blog is to showcase my fashion, beauty & hair tips & tricks to help you look & feel your best each and every day!


Who are you? I'm Michelle Paige Orsi, a self described beach bum & a huge New York Ranger hockey fan. I am obsessed with a good pair of shoes, have a major sweet tooth and love a bit of sparkle in everything.
How old are you? 28
How tall are you? 5'4''
Where do you live? Long Island, New York
What do you do for a living? I work in TV promotions in NYC
Why a style blog? For years and years more than magazines, celebrities or fashion websites, I looked to bloggers for outfit inspiration. I started a style blog in hopes of inspiring some of you with my own looks.
How would you describe your style anyway? I describe my style as one part classic & one part modern with a pop of color. I normally stick to classic shapes & silhouettes and then play with colors, patterns and textures to keep things modern, feminine, and fun.
Do you actually wear the outfits on your blog? Of course! I wear each outfit that I post - just not necessarily on the day that it's posted. My goal with each look is to inspire you with a unique outfit, but it has to be wearable & relatable. Most of the outfits you see I am wearing to work, but I also include weekend looks & date night outfits.
Who takes your photos? My wonderful parents. We take anywhere from 50-90 photos in the 3-4 minutes each morning before I rush off to catch the train to work.
Where do you like to shop? My favorite shops include: ZaraNordstrom, Zappos, LOFT, American Eagle, Macy's, ASOS, Shopbop...the list goes on & on...

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Michelle Paige Orsi