I am back from my trip & while I am so sad to have left Barbados - there is nothing like coming home to your own room & routine after some time away.  I am so excited to start sharing my outfits from my trip, so let's jump right in today with an outfit that I wore to the airport.  Travel looks should be a combination of comfortable & easy, but still put together. Continue reading for some of the best & worst pieces to wear at the airport.

Thin Layers - No matter where you are traveling, someplace warmer or colder, wearing layers on the plane is a must do for me. The temperatures while flying can be so unpredictable that I always make sure that I am able to shed or add a layer.  A chambray top is always one of my go-to pieces for layering since it helps build a put together, classic outfit & I always carry a light weight shawl or scarf in my tote!

Sneakers/Flats - While in the airport, you may be walking or standing in line quite a bit, not to mention, you have to remove your shoes to go through security, so ditch the heels this time and opt for a comfortable pair of sneakers or ballet flats. 

Large Tote - Since each traveler is only allowed 2 carry on items in total (& one is almost always my suitcase), I bring an extra large tote bag on the plane with me. This tri-color tote is sleek and stylish and holds everything from snacks to magazines for my flight.

Bobby Pins - Keep your hair styling simple on your travel day & avoid too many bobby pins.  Even though they are small, they could set off the metal detector!

Flip Flops Think about how many people stand in the security line at the airport. Now, think about swapping feet germs with all of them - GROSS. Wear a pair of sneakers that require socks or at least carry a pair of socks in your tote so you can quickly put them on when it's time to walk through security.  Bonus Points: Socks keep your feet warm on the plane!

Too Much JewelryWhile a little sparkle jazzes up any outfit, it could set off the metal detector & isn't always the easiest to remove with short notice.  Your best bet is to pack your jewelry in your carry on bag & put it on once you arrive at your destination.  

Top: Express | T Shirt: Zara (old; love this cute one & this one under $50) |Jeans: c/o DL1961 (wearing shade: Hail) | Sneakers: Adidas | Tote: Michael Kors | Suitcase: similar | Jewelry: Rebecca Minkoff

What does your airport outfit look like?

Michelle Paige

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