Now that we have been married & living in our place for almost a year, I wanted to share my recommendations on the top UNIQUE items to register for! Obviously we needed dishes, pots & pans, towels, sheets, etc but we have really loved some of the items that we registered for. Today I'm highlighting 10 of the top items from our wedding registry:

Pasta Pot with strainer lid: Neither of us are chefs by any means, so we do a lot of heating & eating. The most complicated thing that we make is pasta so this pot really comes in handy. I know what you're thinking...I thought you said this post would have unique items... Well - once the pasta is done cooking, you can secure the lid which has holes and you can drain the water out without having to use a strainer. How genius?!

Family Name Wall Art: One of the things I didn't really think about registering for at first was art & home decor but I'm so glad I did! It's common to think about linens & appliances but some of the extra decor is just as important when you are making a new place feel like a home. 

Velvet Hangers: Moving our clothes into our apartment, I realized we had a lot of old & mismatched hangers. I registered for sets of new, all black, velvet hangers. Not only do our clothes look nice and organized thanks to the matching hangers but the velvet hangers are so thin, they actually save us a bit of space.

Pop Container Set: no more half eaten bags of chips, cookies, pasta, etc. When we get home from food shopping, we move a lot of our pantry items into these pop containers. I love that you can see what the snacks are and that these containers seal snacks for freshness.

Dust Buster: OK - I actually got this one as a gift for the holidays, but it has been the handiest tool. I use it mostly for picking up crumbs on the kitchen floor but it's also perfect for cleaning up small areas when you don't want to pull out the vacuum.

Personalized Bath Robes: Definitely the coziest gifts we received -- his & hers plush robes. I love cuddling up in my robe after a shower & slipping it on during chilly mornings. A robe is one of those items that seems nice but not a necessity so you might skip out on buying it for yourself. However, we were so happy to receive them as gifts! 

Kitchen Aid Mixer: These are expensive but if you love to bake, they are so worth it! I love to bake cookies, muffins & cakes and having this mixer has made the process of baking so much simpler! I also love that this mixer comes with other accessories so you can make your own pasta, juice, ice cream, etc.

Griddler/Panini Press: We aren't allowed to have a grill on our terrace but still get the occasionally craving for a good burger. This griddler allows us to cook burgers in the comfort of our kitchen. It also is great for making grilled cheese sandwiches or paninis and also comes with a waffle maker for homemade waffles on the weekends. Yum!

Tool Kit - Another thing I didn't think of immediately but was definitely needed during the move in process, a tool kit! This isn't all that unique to be honest, but it's something that every couple should invest in & have handy.

Ugg Pillowcases - We ordered a bedding set from a different brand when we moved in to our apartment and while the sheets were fine, I found the pillowcases to be so scratchy and uncomfortable on my face. I didn't even know Ugg had a home decor line until I was walking through Bed Bath & Beyond. As soon as I felt these pillowcases, I had to have them. They are soft and cozy and inexpensive! (I've bought 3 sets of them to date)

Amazon Alexa - There are SO many versions of the Alexa out there now but I think having one is essential. We have the dot so it's probably the simplest of the smart speakers out there but it works for us. I ask it for information (sports scores, weather, etc), it plays music, we set alarms while cooking or doing laundry. It's truly come in handy more times than we can count!

What's the best thing you registered for or bought for your home lately?

Michelle Paige