Since the weather has gotten warmer, Jody & I have been spending less time in the gym and more time outdoors! We are so lucky to live in a town that has a lot of places within walking distance & have really enjoyed taking advantage of that! Below I'm sharing 3 easy ways to stay active all summer without stepping foot inside a gym.

1. Walk to your destination instead of drive. If you live in a town or city like us, there are lots of shops & restaurants within walking distance. When the weather is cold or rainy, we don't think twice about getting in our car to run to the store but now that the weather is nice, we've enjoyed walking for breakfast in the morning, walking for ice cream at night, walking to CVS to pick up some essentials. Basically, if we can walk & the weather is nice, we are taking advantage!

2. Go for a bike ride. Another super fun way to get around town without having to get in your car is to bike ride! Biking is great for leisure or as actual transportation. My preference is a bike ride for fun. We have a huge park nearby our house and it's the perfect place for a nice bike ride.

3. Try an outdoor sport (surfing, volleyball, etc). OK so be fair, this is way more Jody's way of being active than mine. He loves to take advantage of summer weather & play sports outdoors while I would much rather sit outside and watch. He enjoys surfing, play softball, playing beach volleyball, etc. You name it, he's up for it. Outdoor sports are a great way to have fun & stay active. 

How do you stay active during the summer? 

Michelle Paige