I am super excited to share something different on my blog today because I truly found this test & the results to be life changing! There are SO many skincare products out there, walking into a Sephora, Ulta or drugstore to find a new product can be totally overwhelming! I'm never quite sure what type of product my skin really needs or what ingredients will be best for my skin. A couple of months ago, I was given the opportunity to try HomeDNA and the feedback from the test was amazing. I'm sharing my results & a full review below...

HomeDNA offers a skincare DNA test that examines your genetics related to your skin in 7 categories: wrinkles, collagen quality, skin sensitivity, pigmentation, sun protection, skin elasticity and skin antioxidants. You swab your cheek and send your kit to the lab for processing. Within a couple of weeks a full report is sent to you with your results!

My report went through a summary of my DNA findings & genetic profile, information about my scores and what they mean, as well as recommendations on how to keep your skin in the best shape possible for each of the 7 categories!

 I was happy to see that my skincare score was above the global average when it came to a number of the categories. First up, wrinkles; reading my results, I found out that I carry few genes related to fine lines & wrinkles & didn't have many recommendations for this category. Category two is sun protection. Turns out I carry a gene that provides natural protection against the sun (who knew this even existed?!). Skin elasticity was another optimal rating, as was pigmentation. 

Moving onto the categories where my results were non ideal. Skin sensitivity was a category where almost all genes are less than ideal. I carry genes that trigger skin sensitivities. The great thing about these results is that they also provide recommendations. In this case I can opt for topical ingredients, supplement ingredients or professional treatments from a doctor or dermatologist. My skin was ranked less than ideal in collagen quality and in skin antioxidants. Again, I was given lots of recommendations on how to improve my skin's overall health. I have a feeling I'll start with a few topical products or supplements and see how they work before trying out any professional treatments, but it's nice to know my options!

Usually a skin care DNA kit will cost hundreds of dollars and can only be done with a dermatologist's office. I love that HomeDNA made the process simple & much more affordable! I found my results to make sense & be super interesting to read about. I especially loved seeing the treatment recommendations. Next time I visit Sephora, I can ask for a product that includes a certain ingredient and know I will be making a smart choice for my skin. 

To learn more about HomeDNA skin care kits, visit homedna.com

Michelle Paige