Today's post is all about that device that's glued to the palm of your hand. Yup - talking about your cell phone! Thought I would switch things up today & share my five favorite iPhone apps as of recently.

1. Elevate - One of my friends recommended this app to me to help me pass the time on my commute and I am hooked! The Elevate app is a fun 'workout' for my brain each morning & helps me to stay sharp in various skills that each of us use everyday. I am delivered 3 training sessions in different categories: writing, listening, speaking, reading or math. Basically you complete educational games that help you learn or refresh your learning in different subjects. Forget science & social studies, these games are all super useful; some of my favorites include: grammar, percentages, & common phrases.

2. Instagram - I use each of the different social media platforms for something specific - FB for staying up to date on family/friends, Twitter to see what people are saying about the latest news/trending topics, Pinterest for inspiration of all kinds but my favorite social media, hands down, is Instagram because of the visuals. I love a dreamy looking photo & Instagram is filled with them!  I love zoning out to check out my favorite fashion bloggers, family & friends posts & most recently, so much wedding inspiration. You can find me @michelle_orsi on Instagram!

3. 8Fit - As I've gotten older, I've realized the importance of working out but that doesn't mean I've fully changed my habits. I still am quick to find excuses to avoid going to the gym - too tired, too much work to drive to the gym, too busy... 8Fit eliminates all of the excuses and allows me to squeeze a workout in even if I am crunched for time. This app consists of quick (8-15 min) workouts that you can do in the comfort of your home. During the workout, videos show you exactly how to do the moves & count the time for you. Working out with 8Fit has never been simpler and even though these workouts are short they are by no means easy to do. I definitely feel the burn by the end! (PS. The 8Fit app also offers meal plans)

4. Poshmark - As a blogger & shopaholic, I have a LOT of stuff in my closet. A lot of stuff that I wear and a lot that sadly doesn't get enough use. That's where Poshmark comes in. I love that I can give my never worn or gently used items a second home - think everything from clothing to accessories to shoes or bags. As the seller, I love that Poshmark gives me the control to describe the items & determine my prices. As a buyer, I love that I can negotiate with sellers on prices & can ask questions prior to purchasing. You can shop my closet by searching for me on Poshmark at @mpo715

5. The Knot - This is a recently downloaded app & I'm still in the early stages of figuring it out since I'm still in the early stages of wedding planning but I can already tell this app is going to come in handy. I am able to access my checklist, vendors, & guest list all in one place! Thank you The Knot for keeping me organized during all of this researching & while managing all of these details.

What are you favorite apps? Which ones MUST I download??

Michelle Paige