I'll be honest, I slacked majorly in the month of July when it came to working out.  I was hooked on Emily Skye's fitness videos & was doing one or more almost every night (she has a great program that you can sign up for or you can find various at home workout routines on her FB & Instagram pages!).  And then, I got lazy. There's sadly no other excuse - I decided to watch the Bachelorette or go for a boat ride with J or go out to eat with my girlfriend instead of making time to work out (it happens...), but J & I are going on vacation about a month from now(!) I am getting back into the swing of things.  This cute Zobha romper is definitely one of the items helping to re-motivate me. (Sometimes it really takes a new workout outfit for me to feel inspired!)  Read on for some of my other favorite workout must haves...

1.Workout clothes are definitely the number one motivator for me personally.  One of my favorite hobbies is shopping and I'm always so excited to wear my latest purchases as soon as they arrive.  When it's athletic clothes, I look up a new workout almost immediately so I can get some use out of my outfit.  This romper is my latest favorite; the fabric is so soft & all the cutouts make it great for the summer.

2. Sneakers.  I mentioned these sneakers in an earlier post but at the time they were a pair that I had stolen from my sister's closet.  I found them to be so lightweight and comfortable, that I got a pair in my own size.  They are the most comfortable pair I have, especially for the summer since they are so breathable.  

3. A water bottle.  Sure, Poland Spring gets the job done, but what about a stylish water bottle? Yup - it's a thing.  Recently I have been seeing the S'well water bottles everywhere and find them to be so cute.  They come in every color/pattern from metallic gold to marble print & are reusable which is good for the environment ;)

4.  Earbuds. I don't know about you, but I can't get through a workout without some music playing in the background.  These wireless headphones are great for 2 reasons: no wires to get in your way & no one giving you side eye for completing your workout to Taylor Swift songs :)

Romper: c/o Zobha Fitness | Sneakers: Nike | Sunglasses: Ray Ban

What are your workout essentials? 

Also, is anyone else as excited as I am about the start of the Olympics this weekend? I love watching gymnastics (those gals are so talented!) & the unusual sports like archery! Seeing the competitive nature of all of the athletes is definitely another motivator for me. 

What's your favorite event?  Show off your sporty style/Olympic team spirit in this week's link up!

Michelle Paige

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