Sorry for the delayed post! I went to see Sweet Charity on Broadway last night starring Sutton Foster. It was such a fun play & Sutton's acting & character put a smile on my face so many times! Now onto today's post topic... winter skin. There is nothing worse than dry skin. Seriously, I loathe dry hands, chapped lips and rough skin because of the cold weather, so today I'm sharing a few products & tips that have been helping me keep my skin healthy and moisturized as the temperatures continue to drop...

1. Use a mask. I am a big fan of ELF makeup products but did you know they also have a facial skin care line? I recently had the pleasure of trying out some of their skin care products and I couldn't be more impressed. Their hydrating bubble mask is my favorite & has made it's way into my weekly skin care routine. This mask goes on as a gel & bubbles up into a foam to deep clean which is super cool & unlike any mask I've ever tried before. 

2. However much you were drinking, drink more water & take your vitamins. This one is simple & is something you should always be doing, but in the winter when the air is dry & your immune system could be down, it's especially important to hydrate & care for yourself from the inside out.

3. Use a humidifier. During the week, I go from freezing cold temperatures outside to a dry office with a heater on blast in the corner. This dry heat might even be worse for my skin than the cold outside air, so I decided last winter to order a mini humidifier to keep at my desk. This product is a lifesaver & I can't recommend it enough! The humidifier has actually become a talking point because people walk by & see it and need to know more LOL! It might look a little silly to have this contraption on my desk, but it really makes all the difference, so to me, it's worth it.

4. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. During the winter time, there is no such thing as too much moisture for your skin.  In addition to my daily SPF/moisturizer, I have upped my nightly facial routine by adding ELF's hydrating night cream which includes aloe, Vitaman E & cucumber and ELF's illuminating eye cream that brightens skin and is packed with green tea. Both leave me with smooth, nourished skin when I wake up in the morning.

Michelle Paige

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This post is done in partnership with ELF Cosmetics. All thoughts/opinions are my own.