Is there anything better than the holiday season? I love using this time to shower my loved ones with gifts, spend time with extended family that I don't see often and get back in touch with those who I may have lost touch with during the year. One of the ways I do that is by sending out happy holidays cards to my friends & family to let them know I am thinking of them and to share a little extra cheer.  This year I decided to order my cards through Paperless Post & I am so excited with how they turned out. 

Paperless Post offers a ton of digital cards as well as printed cards. I decided to order these colorful confetti printed cards by Kate Spade because there's nothing like the excitement of receiving snail mail.  Since I only have a few weeks until the holidays, I opted for quick printing & 2 day shipping so that I could receive the cards with plenty of time to write them & mail them out. I was so pleased with how quickly they arrived and how great the quality was.  In fact, my family loved the cards so much, we decided to create a secondary photo card using this 'Happy Holidays' design to send as our yearly family holiday card. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of those cards! :) (I will be sure to share the photo card on Instagram once it arrives; follow along @michelle_orsi)

To stick with the colorful holiday theme of my printed cards, I used colored Sharpies as opposed to a plain pen to write my notes. It's an easy way to add a special extra touch to writing your cards and Sharpie makes markers that come in every shade imaginable, even metallic!

To finish off my cards, I added a 'Happy Holidays' custom sticker from Stickerapp. These stickers are the cutest finishing touch to my cards & give people a hint into what they are receiving from the second they see the envelope. Stickerapp allows you to create completely custom stickers starting at only $20! In addition to these happy holidays stickers, they designed a sticker with my blog's logo & website on them. They are perfect for sending out blog related goodies!

I loved these stickers so much, I added them to each gift that I wrapped this season so that I can easily tell who should open which gift! I think it adds a nice finishing touch to a wrapped gift just as well as it works on my cards! 

I am so excited for my friends & family to receive their gifts & cards this holiday. Giving is one of the best parts of Christmas & thanks to Paperless Post & Stickerapp, I can be sure the recipients of my cards will be excited about their mail :)

Michelle Paige

This post is done in partnership with Nakturnal & Stic
kerapp. All thoughts/opinions are my own.