Sharing a fun round up of photos from my trip with J to St Lucia a couple of weeks ago. We had a blast and unlike my family vacations which are sooo relaxing and laid back, this one was relatively adventurous!! Check out some highlights below!

If you are interested in visiting St Lucia, we highly recommend Coconut Bay Resort.  The resort is an all inclusive with HUGE grounds and so many activities to keep you busy. We spent a majority of our time on the water slides & floating around the lazy river! There are also tennis & basketball courts, a petting zoo, a spa and the beach is steps away with options to paddle board or kayak.

Getting ready for dinner on the first night

The day we arrived, we got super excited to check out all of the excursion options. On our first full day, we decided to go horse back riding along the beach and up a small mountain! The entire experience only slightly terrifying for me ;) and the views made it worth it! 

Before dinner on the second night. All inclusive restaurants can be questionable since the food is included and doesn't have to be fancy & top notch, but Coconut Bay's restaurant options were DELICIOUS! We loved the Italian restaurant, Capri & the Asian restaurant, Silk, but hands down the Caribbean restaurant, Calabash, won for best meal on our trip!

As I mentioned above, the resort grounds housed a petting zoo with horses, donkeys, the largest bunnies I've ever seen and the sweetest baby goats. One of my favorite parts of our days was visiting & cuddling with the goats! They were soooo sweet.

Another dinner look. I wore this look to the resort's Asian restaurant and ended up matching the decor LOL
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Our second excursion was a day trip to St Lucia's volcano & mud baths.  We decided to take a taxi instead of an official tour and I could not recommend it more. It was just the two of us for the day and our tour guide/taxi driver was AMAZING. He made sure to pull over to the side of the road every time I wanted a photo of the gorgeous views and taught us all about the history of the island and about the numerous crops that the island grew...mangoes, grapefruits, something called breadfruit, peanuts and so many more! (Did any of you know that peanuts were grown?! I did not.)

Visiting St Lucia's volcano. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect when we planned to visit a volcano but there was no flowing lava or anything crazy like you see in the movies, just lots of rocks and sulfur (rotten egg) smell.  Our tour guide told us the scariest story about how years ago one of the tour guides actually fell down over the barrier into the volcano rocks and got 3rd degree burns! 

Next up was a visit to the mud bathes.  This was my favorite part of our entire trip. We had to enter this small pool prior to applying the mud. As you can tell from my facial expressions, the water was H-O-T. It took me a while to fully get wet. We then were told to COVER ourselves in mud - seriously, our tour guide kept saying 'more, more.'  There was honestly mud everywhere but it was the coolest experience.  We sat in the sun to let it dry and then had to dip back into the hot pool to clean off.  I was left with the softest feeling skin.

Next up on our day was a visit to a waterfall! I'm pretty sure this was J's favorite part of the day. He must have swam in and out of the waterfall 30 times. Again, I could not recommend getting a taxi driver/tour guide for the day.  Since it was just us, he took over 300 photos of us over the course of the day! I could not be more grateful to him for these photos since they are memories that I will have forever! 

Another night, another maxi dress. Apparently, I loved matching the decor ;)
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The last night of our trip was actually J's birthday so we celebrated all day and at dinner, the resort, again, blew us away with how special they made the celebration.

I really cannot recommend St Lucia & Coconut Bay Resort enough - it is a great place for couples & families alike! If you have any questions about the resort or the island, don't hesitate to ask!!

Michelle Paige