if you follow me on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or read this blog regularly you can probably tell that I'm pretty obsessed with my beach days and that beach bum mentality during the summertime. Today I'm sharing a peek inside my beach bag and a few of the essentials that I always bring along with me for a beach day. 

Sunscreen | Lotion | Wipes c/o

PERSONAL CARE - The number one item you need to bring with you to the beach is sunscreen!! When you plan to spend a day in the sun, make sure you apply your sunscreen and then reapply. (J & I both visit the dermatologist regularly and you do not want get a mole removed - been there, done that. No fun!)   I always load up on moisturizer once I get home at night, but this mini bottle allows me to quickly apply lotion to any dry spots on the go.  These deodorant wipes are a recent find thanks to Popsugar's June Must Have Box and boy, are they amazing! Perfect for keeping in your bag/car during the summer to stay fresh on the go.

Sunglasses | Game c/o

ENTERTAINMENT - I never leave to go to the beach without some items to keep me entertained during the day. Since I'm not much of a swimmer, I always bring along my Kindle to read my latest book (my favorite summer reads will be in an upcoming post!) and a couple of magazines.  I also recently received this mini quiz game and it is perfect to travel with since it so tiny! Plus, it's a great game for all ages - my entire family had a great time playing!

SNACKS - Don't forget the snacks.  I always bring at least one water bottle to stay hydrated and a few snacks to keep you energized throughout the day.  Some great snack ideas are pieces of fruit, trail mix, small snack packages of chips/pretzels/etc. Pressels are my latest snack discovery and boy, they are delish! Plus they are much healthier than a typical potato chip option.

What do you bring along with you to the beach?

Michelle Paige