As we approach wedding season, I thought it might be fun to share my do's & don'ts for attire when attending a wedding as a guest. (J & I have already attended a wedding & an engagement party this year & we are sure to have a couple more in the coming months.)   Finding the perfect outfit to wear can be tough, so today I'm going to simplify it as much as possible for you!

DO: Think of the season/location.  You wouldn't wear a long sleeve, black dress to a beach wedding, it just doesn't make much sense, so my number one tip would definitely be to consider where the event is & what time of year. Google the location of the event if you have to!  I like to avoid a black dress as much as possible for weddings, even in the winter, since I think it's such a common color that women wear.  Instead opt for a rich jewel toned color like navy, emerald or burgundy. In the summer, try a pastel shade, a bright color or a feminine print. Remember to bring a shawl of some sort if you plan to be outdoors - the weather can be tricky no matter the time of year!

DON'T: Wear white.  Although there is much discussion on whether guests can wear white to weddings nowadays, I still think it's best to go the more traditional route & let the bride be the one wearing the white dress for the day.  Stick to a champagne or blush pink if you must wear a light colored dress.

DO: Wear comfortable shoes.  One of my favorite parts about a wedding is the dancing!! In order to dance the night away, I always make sure to wear comfortable heels; an ankle strap or lace up detail helps to make sure your foot is secure.  As a rule, I try on my shoes beforehand and spend hours walking around in them to make sure they are broken in and comfortable.  (Packing a few band aids in your clutch is a safe bet too!)

DON'T: Show too much skin.  Weddings are typically family friendly events so be sure to be tasteful in how much skin you show.  A rule that I try to follow is to keep one half more modest, so if my legs are showing in a short dress, I try to make sure the neckline of the dress is more modest and vice versa.

DO: Overdress.  If you are really unsure of what the dress code, I would always say go one step dressier than you think.  It's much better to show up at a wedding overdressed than feel out of place because you aren't dressed up enough.

Dress: Zara (similar) | Heels: Steve Madden | Lipstick: Revlon

Hope you all found these tips helpful!

Do you have weddings coming up this season?  What do you plan to wear?


Michelle Paige