I recently posted on Instagram about my new Calligraphy Cut & got a couple of questions about what exactly that means & how I style my short hair, so I thought it was time for a quick hair tutorial post!  Today, I'm going to share the do's & don'ts of styling my lob from start to finish. You can see another post that I did here that talks more about the products I use. 

A little bit about a Calligraphy Cut: My latest cut is a German technique where instead of cutting the hair straight across with a pair of scissors, you use a special tool to cut the hair on an angle of approximately 21 degrees.  The way you cut flowers on an angle to help absorb moisture, the Calligraphy Cut will  provide your hair with more richness and volume. 

DO: Start with shampoo & conditioner that works for your hair type, especially if it is color treated. Lately, I am loving L'Oreal's Color Vibrancy line.  I think it keeps my color looking fresh & bright, like I just stepped out of the salon.

DO: Start with air dried hair.  This allows you to keep some of your natural texture & will make curling easier.  If you can't air dry, rough blow dry your hair.  This means no brushing or styling!

DON'T: Section off hair & curl every single piece.  The point of these waves is to look natural.  I focus on the front pieces, the top layer of hair & the pieces that you can see underneath & around my ears.  A lot of the middle hair is just my natural texture coming through.

DO: Curl each piece away from your face.  I've heard for natural looking waves you should alternate the direction of your curls, but I think that just looks kind of messy on my hair.  I curl all pieces away from my face.

DON'T: Curl pieces all the way to end.  To avoid the dreaded banana curls, I start my curl around the crown of my head & wrap the section of hair until I have about 1/2 inch at the end.  

DO: Shake it out at the end.  Don't worry, you're not going to wreck your curls; you're going to enhance that effortless look.  The less "done" your hair is the better.  

Have more questions?? Leave them in the comments below & I'll do my best to answer :)

Michelle Paige