A quick post today to share my favorite self tanning products! In the middle of winter, my skin usually goes from pale to ghostly and nothing works better at helping me fake a good glow than Vita Liberata products.

I have been a fan of VL for years now. They have such a HUGE range of items to fit your bronzing needs...from a long lasting self tanning mousses and lotions to overnight face tanning lotion to a powder bronzer that actually self tans your skin as you wear it!

My 3 most used Vita Liberata products in the winter time are:

1. Face Tanning Lotion:  If no where else, get a glow happening on your face.  After all, it's pretty much the only part of your body that people are going to see during the winter! This moisturizing lotion is applied before you go to bed and by morning, your face will be left with a nice healthy glow!

2. Two-Three Week Tanning Mousse: I love how long this color stays put.  Even in hot showers & under lots of the layers, my glow remains.  Other great factors- this mousse is organic, light weight and odorless!

3. Beauty Blenders/Tanning Mitts:  My least favorite part about applying tanning lotions is how it turns my palms orange! Vita Liberata offers numerous types of mitts  & recently teamed up with BeautyBlender to offer blending sponges for application.  From the basic tanning mitt to various sized blenders, all of these items do a great job at keeping my hands clean & my tan natural looking.

all products: c/o Vita Liberata

Michelle Paige

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