If you follow me on Instagram, then it's no secret that I have become obsessed with nail art in recent months.  But even more than the graphic designs, I love picking fun colors for my nails to really make them stand out.  

Below are a few of my favorite polish shades & some nail art ideas for your next manicure:

Ask for: a light pink shade with light blue sponge painted over the tips to create an ombre effect.

Ask for: an opaque gold glitter polish. Add light pink triangles on top

Ask for: white polish with black graphic lines in differing designs & directions.  
(I always get 3 coats of white polish so it is really crisp & bright with no streaks)

Ask for: white polish with hot pink, orange & yellow polka dots placed strategically around the outside of the nail

Ask for: bright polishes in different shades on each finger.  I went with purple, pink, mint, blue & orange!

I'm always looking for new nail art ideas! Share your idea for my next manicure in the comments section & then check out my latest manicure on Instagram

Michelle Paige