For some of you, school is already in full swing; for others, maybe you haven't started yet and are enjoying your last few days of freedom.  For those of you in my shoes, you are not going back to school at all this fall *cue a few tears*

Even though I'm not starting a new semester, I always get super excited by the back to school sales and the kick off to fall clothing around this time.  Today I am sharing a few of my favorite back to school basics:

TOPS/JACKETS:  In college, going to class was all about comfort for me.  I stocked up on tons of basic sweaters, t-shirts & blouses.  Adding a jacket or blazer over my simple look was a quick and easy way to look pulled together without putting too much thought into my look.  

DENIM:  If you buy one pair of new pants for the upcoming fall season, make them jeans. Any kind works really & you can wear them for almost every occasion - class, parties, interning, etc.  A classic skinny pair in a dark wash is classic or choose a more trendy pair that is distressed or a flare shape. 

SHOES: My favorite shoes for school/work/weekends in the fall are definitely booties. There are so many cool ones out there right now beyond basic black!

BAGS: A carry all tote bag or backpack is definitely a must have for a new school year. I used to carry my whole life with me around campus - books, laptop, snacks, an extra pair of shoes...

ACCESSORIES: Enough said. Pretty things to help keep you organized ;)

Are you going back to school this year?

Michelle Paige