I love my hair, really I do. The texture has a good wave, which makes it easy enough to curl or straighten.  The color is always on point (thanks to my fantastic colorist!) & my new short cut is just the right amount of edgy.  If I had to make one complaint about it, it would be the lack of volume that seeps in after less than one day of styling.  This was less of an issue when I had longer hair, because I could easily throw it up into a ponytail or create some sort of braided-do to combat the issue, but with shorter hair, a second day look isn't as simple.  

So when I was given the opportunity to review a new hair volumizing iron, I jumped at the chance! VOLOOM promises to banish your flat hair by creating layers of support & texture underneath the top layers of hair.  No product needed!

This tool heats up super quickly.  Per a suggestion on VOLOOM's website, I lowered the temperature for my thin hair to 350 degrees. (It definitely worked, I probably even could have gone lower). 

BEFORE -- I started with second day hair.  A little less curled, a little more flat on top so I could be sure to really see the effect of the tool when using VOLOOM.

AFTER -- I love the look of volume this product gave me from the side of my head; my hair definitely looked fuller & thicker overall, without any telltale signs of the iron.

AFTER -- From the front, I was a little surprised when I looked in the mirror at how much hair I seemed to have; my hair definitely looked fuller and also more sculpted! This is not a bad thing, just way different than I am used to.

Since the look the tool gave me was so different from what I was used to, I think I will go with a less-is-more theory next time; less heat & less sections. If you're looking for major volume, VOLOOM definitely produces what it promises. 

A few helpful tips when using your VOLOOM iron:

1. Do not use it on the top layer or the very front section of your hair.  The tool is meant to be used on the under layers of hair to create texture.  Be sure to clip back the top & front sections beforehand so that you can't see crimp-like texture that is created when using VOLOOM.

2. No one needs volume all the way down their hair.  We need volume at the top! So only use this tool near your scalp & at the crown.

3. 'Clamp' & release quicker than you think.  This tool gets super hot, super fast so it only takes one second, literally, to get the texture you need to create volume. If you've done it right, you should see a very subtle crimp in your hair.

Visit VOLOOM's website here to learn more about their product & to order your own volumizing iron!

Michelle Paige