About a month ago, I had the pleasure of sharing an insider look into my closet with Morgan, from Charleston Crafted.  I love how the feature turned out, so I want to share an even more in depth look at my closet/room with you all! 

At this point, my entire room has turned into my closet, in one way or another.  I have my wall to wall closet, where I store my shoes, dresses, pants & numerous tops.  I display tote bags on top of my desk & store various jackets and hats on the back of my door, depending on the season.  In a corner, I have a bookcase that I turned into a storage area for scarves, smaller sized bags & jewelry.  I love that everything is on display & I can visualize different pieces to pair together when getting dressed each day.

There are lots of scarf hangers, bag racks & jewelry storage pieces available in stores, but rather spending on all of those items, I use the space that I already have to create storage and display areas for my accessories.  Mini hooks, available at CVS & the like for under $10, easily attach to the wall and display my necklaces, while bookcase shelves have become the home for my smaller clutch bags, jewelry & scarves.

Organization Tip: Don't toss the tissue paper that comes in your new purse & keep your bags stuffed when not using them.  It will keep the shape of your bag in mint condition.

Not-so-secret facts about me: I am a perfectionist & a neat freak.  When it comes to my desk at work, my bedroom and my closet, everything has a specific place.  I can’t go to bed at night until each item is put away where it belongs.  Staying this organized is a blessing in disguise, because I rarely am scrambling to find something at the last minute.

I will admit that I spend a lot of time keeping everything neat & organized.  I love that everything is so easy to see.  It makes it hard to forget about an item, so I am able to keep lots of pieces in rotation. This definitely comes in handy as a style blogger - none of you would want to see the same few pieces over & over again!

 I LOVE my shoe collection.  I’m a bit obsessed with shoes of all types – flats, heels, boots, booties, sneakers, etc.  Right now, of course, I'm all about boots & booties because of the cold weather.  My favorite type of shoe is probably a well-made flat. Black, red, and gold are my must have pairs for everyone's closet, but I also like unexpected colors & patterns, like leopard or my loafers with mustaches - so fun!

Organization Tip: Roll up old magazines & stick them into your boots to help them keep their original shape & stand up straight in your closet!

My number one tip to those of you wondering is to organize first by type & then by color.  For example, I hang as many tops as I can & then organize by color.  I separate dresses by color as well. I group shoes together by type in my closet - boots on top, flats on one side & heels on the other.  Rather than looking through my entire closet, I am able to quickly find what I need for my outfit in the morning.  This tip has definitely made the biggest overall difference for me!

Michelle Paige

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