#BLOGGERPROBLEMS at their finest, you guys. It rained pretty much ALL weekend around here, so I was stuck with no new look for you all today :(   I'm sorry about that & it made me upset for a while because I was super excited about the look I had planned for today's post BUT it happens and if I still wanted a blog post to go up today (which I did), I had to find a plan B.  SO today turned into a bit of a throwback post where I'm going to share a few of my favorite outfits from last fall and share my tips for how to update them for this season...

lulu's burgundy suede dress
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Swap burgundy monochrome for olive monochrome.  I am still totally in love with this outfit. I love the scalloped detail  & the suede material of this dress (I even wore it in this recent post). I also love the perfect match of my dress with my booties. Burgundy is still (& always will be) a popular fall color. However my favorite shade for this season, as discussed last week, is olive green! SO why not swap your monochrome burgundy outfit for a monochrome olive look?

ann taylor turtleneck sweater
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Swap a blanket scarf for a cozy cape. I could probably write in each blurb in this post to add some olive green into your looks because I am THAT obsessed with this shade but instead I'm going to focus on the blanket scarf.  I loooove blanket scarves for the fall/winter. They are so warm & cozy and look great over a simple outfit. This season I am also especially loving the cape. Whether you wear a more structured shaped cape or simply fake a cape style by draping a blanket scarf around your shoulders - a cozy cape is the way to layer this fall.

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sweater style for fall
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 Add an off the shoulder sweater to your closet. Cold shoulder and off the shoulder styles were all the rage during the spring and summer and continue to be super popular into the fall.  Instead of a hint of shoulder like the sweater I wore last year, try a full on off the shoulder sweater.  Free People sells a ton of great options - the hardest part is figuring out which style to choose ;)

dressing up a sweatshirt
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Embrace athleisure. Last season, I got this sweatshirt and loved dressing it up to wear it. This year, I have been dressing it  & similar sweatshirts down with jogger pants, leggings and sneakers.  I have totally been embracing the athleisure trend lately - there is nothing I love more than fashion that combines chicness and comfort!

reed krakoff tri-color tote

Swap suede for velvet.  Last season, I got this fantastic suede dress from Zara and while suede is still a super popular trend this season, I love the introduction of velvet as a trend this season.  Go all out in the velvet trend with a velvet dress or dip your toes into the trend with a velvet accessory.

burgundy fall outfit
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Go shopping in your own closet.  I really have nothing negative to say about this outfit. It was by far my favorite from last fall and I think it still 100% works for this fall.  Suede, burgundy, OTK boots and leopard were popular last year and continue to be popular again this season. So before you head out shopping for a new wardrobe this fall, check out what you already own and see how you can fit those pieces into this season's trends!

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Michelle Paige

AND PS. The awesome look that I had planned for today, will be up on my blog on Friday...so stay tuned ;)

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