Happy Birthday to me!  Today I turn 26 and I thought it would be fun to go back in time and highlight some of my less than fabulous fashion moments.  Read on for some the fashion/beauty mistakes I've made over the last 26 years...

1. Caring what other people thought.  This is one I still struggle with at times.  While you may have similar style to others, no one is going to ever agree with 100% of your fashion choices 100% of the time.  No one knows your body type and style better than you, so trust your gut when it comes to shopping.  Lesson Learned: You're way more likely to wear something you feel happy & comfortable in than something others think you look great in.

2. Wearing trends that didn't fit my personal style. As a blogger, you might think that I wear and love all of the trends that get introduced each season.  Not the case!  There are certain trends that just don't fit my personal taste or style and that's OK. There has yet to be a season where I don't love at least 1 or 2 of the trends or colors that are popular for the season, so I stick to the ones I like and admire on others the ones I don't like. Lesson Learnedit is 100% possible to be on trend and stay true to your personal style. 

3. Wearing too many trends at once.  Piggy backing off of the topic above, you also don't want to overdo the number of trends you wear at once.  You will look back at photos and wonder 'what was I thinking?!'  (Been there.) Lesson Learned: pick one trendy piece and mix it up with classic pieces from your closet.

4. Over accessorizing.  While accessories can certainly add an element of fun and some interest to your look, overdoing it can actually ruin a look.  Lesson Learned: simplicity rules and if you are wanting to wear a statement piece, stick to one.

5. The bump-it. LOL - anyone remember the bump it commercials?  I was one of the crazy people who actually purchased it! In my defense, it was during the Jersey Shore phenomenon... Lesson Learned: spend the time teasing your hair and use dry shampoo, not a plastic hair piece, to add some volume.
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6. Dying my hair black. I grew up with medium/dark brown hair.  During college, I experimented with dying it a few times with an at home kit before settling on the blonde color that I have now.  During one bad experience with an at home box of hair color, I dyed my hair jet black.  Lesson Learned: black is only flattering on me when its in clothing.

7. Cutting my own bangs. I used to think since my bangs were in front of my head and I could see them, that I could trim them on my own.  Classic mistake.  By the time I would actually visit my hair stylist, the hair that was supposed to be bangs was 3 different lengths and wasn't the shape that bangs should be at all. Lesson learned: let the professionals do their job.

8. Japanese straightening my hair. In middle school, my hair was super curly and of course, since we always want what we can't have, I convinced my mom to let me get my hair Japanese straightened.  Not only was there SO much breakage to my hair, I never had my pre-Japanese-straightening curls again.  Lesson Learned: Take care of your hair.  Avoid too much heat styling, get regular hair cuts & use products that are healthy for it!
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9. Over tweezing my eyebrows. Thank goodness for models like Cara Delevingne who made thick eyebrows popular again.  For a time while I was growing up, pin thin eyebrows were really popular, but I learned that over tweezed eyebrows required a lot of upkeep and didn't really frame my face all that well.  Lesson Learned: Do the opposite of tweezing and fill in your eyebrows so they are even more pronounced and frame your entire face.
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10.  Sleeping in my makeup/contacts. OMG - if you currently do this, get up right now, take out those contacts and wash off that makeup.  During high school, I actually got an ulcer in my eye from sleeping in my contacts and almost had to wear my glasses to prom! That would have been tragic but it was definitely a wake up call for me.  Lesson Learned: It is SO worth to lose that 5 minutes of sleep at night to wash your face & take out your contacts.Your skin & eyes will thank you.
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11. Too much eyeliner/makeup. Raccoon eyes and cakey makeup are NEVER a good look.  Lesson Learned: perfect the art of the 'no makeup' makeup look.  Natural beauty is the best kind.
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12. Too much tanning. I feel really sad looking back on this and admitting it, but during college I was a tan-o-holic.  At the time, of course, I thought I looked like I always had a just back from a tropical island glow but in reality, I just looked crispy.  Lesson Learned: These days I am all about the sunscreen and the self tanner.  A safe healthy glow is 10x better than skin cancer.
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13. Socks & Birkenstock's.  I remember this one like it was yesterday... It's the first day back to middle school after Christmas break and I am sporting my white Puma socks and classic brown suede Birkenstock's...in January.  For some reason this was the coolest thing to wear as 8th graders.  Lesson Learned:  There is a way to wear socks with shoes, but white sport socks & sandals is not the way. 
See the correct way to pull off socks/heels here

14. Exposed undergarments. Just don't. I don't know why showing off your bra straps and undies was ever considered 'cool.' Lesson Learned: Invest in some nude undergarments for times when you are wearing white & some seamless styles when you are wearing tight pants or dresses. As for the bras, if you want to show off your bra, make it a cute one!

15. Wearing shoes I couldn't walk in.  When I got my first pair of heels, I was so excited about the look of them, I didn't even pay attention to their comfort or my ability to actually walk. There is nothing worse than being that girl who is toppling over in her heels.  Don't be that girl.  Lesson Learned: There are so many great low heel/wedge/chunky heel styles available now and they are back on trend! Comfort & style all wrapped into one great pair of shoes.

16. Zip off Pants.  Circa 2000, the world invented a pair of pants that could be zipped off to create capri's and then zipped off again to create shorts.  World -  those pants, while practical, were not awesome, however I am guilty of wearing them.  I had a light blue pair and they were made of that material that goes swish-swish when you walk.  Cringing just thinking about them... Lesson Learned: There are reasons more clothing isn't made to be multi functional.

Jumpsuit: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Michael Kors | Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Hope you enjoyed this post! It  was a long one but a super fun one to write!

Michelle Paige