I've talked many times on my blog and social media about how much I love Vita Liberata products and now that summer is approaching, there's no better time to talk about how to get a safe tan.  (I'm one to talk - my sunburn from last weekend is so embarrassing (check out yesterday's post for proof!)  It was one of those really windy days on the beach so I didn't realize how hot the sun was and neglected to reapply sunscreen :(((( oops)  Anyways, VL has recently come out with a bunch of new products that I've been trying over the last few weeks.  Today I'm sharing my top 3 NEW favorite VL products.

1. Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish - By far my favorite Vita Liberata product right now is the Body Blur lotion. PROS? It works in seconds and you can see such a difference instantly.  Body Blur is like a BB cream for your body - I love applying it to my arms and legs before I take photos because it hides any and all imperfections and leaves me with a nice glow. CONS? It turns your hands orange like any other tanning lotion would, so be sure to wear gloves or rinse your palms immediately after applying.

2. NKD SKN Pre Shower Tan -  Get ready for your mind to be blown with this product. PROS? You apply this one BEFORE you get into the shower and your tan actually builds over the next few hours.  This is great for those of you that shower at night, since you will wake up with a nice glow - no time  in the mornings wasted applying your self tanner, which means an extra 10 minutes of sleep ;).  Plus, no need for gloves - all of the excess on your skin & palms will rinse right off in the shower! CONS? Since I do shower at night, sometimes I am not thinking about my tan or am too tired to remember to put it on before I hop in the shower! 

3. Self Tan Dry Oil with SPF 50This product is a double threat. PROS? This oil is perfect for these early beach days when you want to spend the day in your bikini, but still have pasty skin left over from the winter.  Not only do you get a sunless glow but this oil also includes SPF 50!  CONS? Don't wait to apply it at the beach unless you want orange palms for the day (or use the ocean to rinse your hands) because just like a typical self tanner, it will turn your hands orange. Also - be sure not to jump right into the water after applying.  I would recommend waiting an hour so your tan can fully dry and your color can build.

Michelle Paige 

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