Planning to share the top baby items that we've used in Tanner's first 3 months of life but also wanted to share the products on my registry that I would have skipped, swapped for something else, waited on or added. Hopefully all you mamas to be find this post helpful!

3 Items I Would Have Skipped:

Baby Brezza Formula Pro - Tanner ended up being strictly formula fed after he was born so I thought the Brezza Formula Pro was going to be amazing until I realized the kid had a picky palate. He loves & chugs the ready to feed formula, but would not drink the powder version so the Formula Pro ended up not being used by us. Instead, we ended up purchasing a bottle warmer to prepare the RTF formula in record timing (more on that below)

American Red Cross Healthcare Kit - I also registered for a bunch of Frida Baby items and have used those so much more than I use the regular healthcare kit items. I would recommend the Frida Baby items, as I think they are a little more advanced than the ARC kit.

Baby Shoes - Babies do not need real shoes until they are able to walk, so those cute little sneakers & moccasins that I registered for are currently sitting in his closet waiting for the day when he needs them. Also, most of the time early on, we have just put footies on Tanner so there isn't even a need for socks or shoes. 

2 Items I Would Swap for Others:

Motorola Baby Monitor - I originally loved this monitor (& still do in theory) because it came with a video monitor but also allowed you to watch baby via an app on your phone. I was thrilled with the idea that I would have options to watch baby however when we tried to set up the monitor over the crib, we were unable to find a placement for it that allowed us to see the entire crib. We ended up getting the Nanit Pro monitor which is designed to mount over the crib and has a wide angle lens 

Hatch Sound Machine - This product is great in theory but it doesn't have an actual white noise sound!! It has everything else you can imagine but no standard white noise. Right now we use it as a nightlight during night feedings. To help Tanner sleep, we've been using the Hushh portable sound machine. It works great to lull him to sleep & it's helpful that we will be able to travel anywhere with it.

4 Items I Would Wait On:

Bottles/Pacifiers - Bottles & pacifiers come down to baby's personal preference so while you definitely want to have a few on hand when your kid is born, I wish I didn't register for full sets from brands. He has taken to liking the Soothie Pacifiers and Dr. Brown's Bottles. Once we figured that out, we stocked up on those brands and ended up putting the other brands away. 

Swaddles - Another item that's all about baby's preference. We started out using Halo Swaddles but once Tanner discovered his hands, he has liked sucking on them to soothe himself. Because of that, we recently switched over to Love to Dream swaddles. Both have worked great for us, but similar to the bottles, I would have waited to register for multiples of any type of swaddles until we saw what baby preferred. 

Blankets - Once baby boy was born we received sooo many blankets. They are so sweet too - personalized or hand made and much cuter than anything I registered for. This was definitely not an item that I should have put on my registry. We are drowning in blankets! LOL

Outfits - Clothing is a silly thing to register for because similar to blankets, once your baby arrives, you will get so many cute outfits!! Looking back, I would have either skipped clothing or registered for some outfits in larger sizes. We received a lot of newborn & 0-3 month clothes but now that Tanner is growing, we notice his closet has thinned out! We need to stock up on 3-6 month outfits & beyond for him!

3 Items I Would Have Added:

Halo Bassinet - I thought a bassinet was a silly product to add to my registry since I figured baby wouldn't be sleeping in it for too long and while he was, he could just sleep in the bassinet portion of the pack n play in our room. Well, he didn't end up liking the pack n play during the early days. We ended up borrowing the Halo bassinet from friends and buying the newborn insert for it. Tanner immediately started sleeping a bit better thanks to the comfort of the insert that he could nuzzle up against. I also liked that the Halo bassinet's height could be adjusted. 

Baby Brezza Bottle Warmer - A bottle warmer was never on my list because I thought, we can just heat the bottles in a cup of water but once we were feeding Tanner a bottle every 3 hours, and feeding him in the middle of the night we quickly learned that time is precious. Heating a bottle in a cup of water was taking us 6-7 minutes each time. I purchased this bottle warmer in the middle of the night and we have used it for every single bottle since then & it only takes about 3 minutes.

Owlet Sleep Sock - I had this sock on my registry, then I removed, then I added it again, then I removed it. I couldn't decide if I wanted to use it or if it would end up creating more anxiety for us as new parents. My mom ended up gifting it to us and we have used it and loved it every night since Tanner came home. Jody loves to ask me 'how's his heart rate?' while we watch him sleep at night. I definitely see where this product could create additional anxiety, but for us, it's given us a lot of peace of mind.