I have 3 ways that I style my hair on my own: beach waves, pin straight, blown out. With each of these styles comes it's own tool to perfect the look: Hot Tools Wand, GHD Straightener, Revlon One Step Hair Dryer.  Below I'm sharing a quick review on each of the 3 tools and how I achieve my looks:

Hot Tools Wand: Curled, beachy waves was my go-to hair style for years before the pandemic hit and we started staying home. I loved the staying power of the curls that this wand gave me and that it added volume to my fine hair, also you can't beat the price! This curling wand is under $50. When my hair was shorter, I used a tapered wand but as it grew out, I used a regular 1" curling wand. For this technique, I would blow dry my hair first with a regular blow dryer, then section off pieces of my hair and wrap them around the wand, leaving about 1/2 inch out at the end. 

GHD Straightener: For a sleek, pin straight look, I grab my GHD straightener. Similar to the curled look, I blow dry first and then flatten and smooth using this straightener. It heats up quickly and gets the job done in a matter of minutes. 

Revlon One Step Hair Dryer: This is the most recent of the 3 tools that I have purchased and has become my favorite for styling my hair. After my shower, I towel dry my hair and don't even need to brush it through or use the regular blow dryer. I brush through my hair, drying & styling as I go (in one step, hence the name). This hair dryer leaves me with a bouncier but still very smooth blowout and only takes me about 10 minutes from start to finish! 

Have you tried any of these hair tools?

Michelle Paige