How are you feeling? Overall I'm still feeling good although my symptoms are definitely starting to kick in. I've had some growing aches & pains in my belly & hips. I also have acid reflux and heartburn lately, but have gotten OK at controlling it based on what I eat. Lastly, my nose was stuffed recently which apparently is a pregnancy symptom that I never knew! My body has 50% more blood right now which leads to my veins swelling and causing congestion. So interesting & also so annoying haha!

Can you feel the baby move? What does it feel like?  Yes, this trimester I started feeling him move! At first I wasn't sure if I was feeling him move or I was just digesting and having some gas bubbles. In the early days, it felt like popcorn kernels popping if that makes sense; quick little pops here and there. Now, he is definitely moving around and getting stronger. I can feel him kick/punch and wiggle around which is a really cool but super weird feeling!
Have you registered?  Yes! Sadly due to the times, we aren't having a baby shower but we did move forward with building a registry and have felt SO lucky to have friends & family support us and join in the excitement with us by mailing some gifts our way to help us prepare for baby. We chose to register at for a few reasons. 1. It's all online since most people aren't going to stores right now anyway so this site made it easy to build my registry completely online. 2. I love that you can add items from any website to your Babylist registry; we weren't limited to one brand or site so we could add items from Amazon, Target, Buy Buy Baby as well as some more custom sites like Pottery Barn Kids, Angel Dear, Etsy, etc. 

Are you decorating a nursery? When we purchased our apartment, a key selling point was that it would have a second bedroom so it could be a place for us to start our family. That second room has been acting as a den/office for me while WFH but we are slowly transforming it into baby boy's room. 

What maternity clothes have you bought so far? For the first half of my pregnancy, I was able to just wear some oversized tunics/sweatshirts (Aerie, Free People, etc) and size up in bottoms (sweatpants & Aerie leggings).  By the end of my second trimester, however, I am in full maternity clothes mode, especially in bottoms. I can still wear some of my same sweatshirts & oversized tops.  Since maternity clothes are a 'phase',  I was really happy to find Motherhood Rental through Motherhood Maternity which allows me to rent maternity clothes; they have great basics + jeans & dresses which have been getting me through the weeks. I recently did a post reviewing over 10 pairs of maternity jeans and shared my favorite pair. For leggings, my favorite pair have been the Ingrid & Isabel seamless leggings.
Have you chosen a name? I would say we are like 90% set on a name! We refer to baby by a certain name at this point but I would like to meet him and make sure the name is a good 'fit'. We'll share it officially once he is born! 

Any other questions for me at this stage?
Michelle Paige