Earlier this week, I finally shared the news about my pregnancy. I've been getting a bunch of the same questions from people over & over so I thought I'd throw them into a post. 

When are you due? I'm due around Valentine's Day 2021!

How are you feeling? I'm feeling pretty good. I was lucky to not be sick or nauseous at all during the first trimester. I'm mostly feeling hungry & tired recently with a few aches & pains.

How did you find out? I realized my cycle had reached 40 days and knew that was long. I thought maybe I was stressed bc I had been feeling anxious with everything going on in the world, but had an urge one morning to take a test. I was SHOCKED when there were very clearly 2 lines on the first test. I walked myself to CVS and picked up more tests, went home and took a digital test. I was even more shocked when the second test very clearly said PREGNANT+. I had to wait 6 hours until Jody got home to share the news with him, which was the longest afternoon ever!!!

Cravings or Aversions? No major cravings & no major aversions. I just eat what sounds good (which has been a lot of pasta & bagels) and don't eat what doesn't sound good (red meat sometimes & anything with a lot of sauce). 

Prenatal Vitamins? I've been taking the Ritual prenatal vitamins. I like that they include all of the essential vitamins/minerals as well as Iron & Folate. This way I can take just the one set of vitamins instead of having to supplement with other pills.

Are you doing a gender reveal? We did a blood test around 10 weeks so we actually know the gender ;) 

Are you exercising? I was on a roll with exercising during quarantine but since finding out I was pregnant and being so tired in the first trimester, my routine definitely slowed down. Around week 13, through the Aaptiv app, I found a prenatal program that gives you personalized workouts for each week of pregnancy. They are challenging but it's felt good to do something 2-3 times a week so I've been trying to keep up with those.

Have you purchased anything for baby yet? YES! I know it's early still, but this has been one of my favorite parts of being pregnant. We've worked on a registry using BabyList and have bought some outfits & toys already. 

Did you pick out a name? We have a list! I keep a running list of names that we are constantly adding to/removing from. Choosing a name is 100% the hardest part of this whole thing. It has to stay with this person forever!

Are you wearing maternity clothes yet? Not yet. I'm wearing loose dresses or elastic waists right now. 

Any other questions right now?? 

Michelle Paige