While we've been home, I've actually been working out every single day and have created a routine for myself that I've never had before. This has definitely been a silver lining in all of this and I love being home and being able to step away during the work day for a half hour or so to get a workout in. It makes me feel so much better and so much more productive. Below are 3 workouts I've been doing from home: 

1. Megan Roup - I discovered Megan Roup & The Sculpt Society right at the start of quarantine and I couldn't be happier to have found her. Megan does dance based cardio and sculpting classes & has been going live on IG almost everyday. She also has a 14 day free trial on her app which includes tons of videos. I love that she makes everything fun & easy to follow & none of her workouts require a ton of equipment.

2.  Lia Bartha - I actually discovered Lia through Megan & I immediately fell in love with what she does. Lia also holds IG live classes everyday; they range from 30 to 60 minutes and are pilates based. The first time I did one, I was like OK that was good and the next morning my body was SO sore!! I've been going back for more ever since.

3. Walking - Jody & I have been trying to go for walks any day that the weather is nice enough. We've walked down by the water & up through residential areas, really taking the time to discover our town. 

Have you been exercising from home? What platforms have you been using to work out right now? 

Michelle Paige