Hopefully you all have been complying with the social distancing & lockdown rules that our country has been out in recent weeks to keep us all safe. While it's difficult, it's also really important to stay home & flatten the curve of this virus. Below are 10 ways I've been keeping busy at home...

1. Exercising - One of the great things that has come out of staying at home is my ability to get a workout in everyday! I've discovered Megan Roup & The Sculpt Society and absolutely love doing the workouts on her app. She focuses on sculpting exercises and dance cardio and makes everything really easy to follow. She's also been doing IG live workouts multiple times a week and these are my favorite to do! They are quick but so effective!

2. Cooking - We've also been cooking and baking more often. Jody and I have enjoyed baking blueberry muffins and cinnamon rolls together. I'm also looking forward to making banana bread & trying homemade pop tarts. We've also been so thankful for Home Chef recently. It has reduced many trips to the grocery store since Home Chef delivers ingredients for meals right to our door. Get $35 off here!

3. Organizing/Cleaning - Another useful part that's come out of all of this is the ability to organize & clean out areas of our home. From small drawers like our night tables to my closet to our linen closet, I can honestly say this is the deepest spring cleaning I've ever done! 

4. Crafting - I'm not a big crafter but with so much time at home, I've started to find new activities to do. I just ordered a BYOB kit from Alexa Leigh to make my own beaded bracelet & I ordered a paint by number canvas that I plan to paint and hang in our bathroom once it's done! I'm also thinking about starting my own little garden.

5. Reading - I'm signed up for Book of the Month and have enjoyed more than ever getting a new book in the mail each month. Recently I've read and enjoyed: Daisy Jones & The Six, Well Met, The Other Woman & Anna K. Sign up for Book of the Month here!

6. Binge Watching shows - We've been watching more TV than ever lately. Our favorite recent shows have been: Love is Blind, Shitt's Creek, Tiger King, Lego Masters, Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, Locke & Key and lots of movies.

7. Playing board games - Jody and I have enjoyed playing card games, like Spit or Peanuts, as well as board games like Clue & Rummikub.

8. Video Chats - Facetime, Zoom, Skype, etc are a great way to keep in touch with family/friends while everyone is social distancing. My family group FaceTimes at least once a day & it's a nice way to catch up & see each other's faces

9. Online Shopping- I know we don't all have the means to shop right now, but if you do, there are a TON of great sales going on right now. I've placed orders at Nordstrom, Loft & Abercrombie recently. 

10. Sleeping - If you're gonna spend so much time at home, you might as well catch up on some sleep. I've been enjoying going to bed early and sleeping in. 

What have you been doing to keep busy?

Michelle Paige