As part of my bridal shower gift from my SIL, she gave me a 'wedding day emergency kit.' I thought it was genius since it included everything & anything that I could have needed on our big day. I used it that day and since then I have kept it stocked and anytime Jody & I go on vacation, I throw the entire thing into my suitcase and know that I have any/every thing that I could need. See below for what I include in my kit...

The case: Vera Bradley

What's Included:

Top Pocket: 
- Hair Ties
-Bobby Pins
- Bandaids
-Wet Wipes
-Sunless Tanning Wipe
-Face Mask
-Blotting Sheets
-Travel Shampoo & Conditioner

Second Pocket: 
-Listerine Mouth Spray
-Contact Solution
-Contact Case
-Cough Drops
-Ring Dish
-Travel Toothbrush
- Aquaphor

Third Pocket:
- Clear Nail Polish
-Tide to Go
- Body Wash
-Eye Drops
-Nail File
-Brow Kit

Bottom Pocket:
-Wrinkle Releaser
- Deodorant
-Q Tips
- Brush
- Dry Shampoo
-Static Guard
-Lint Roller
-Hand Sanitizer
-Hair Spray

You may also want to add:
-Super Glue
-Other Makeup (mascara, blush, etc)
-Other Medicine (Midol, etc)
-Mini Mirror
-Sewing Kit
-Manicure Kit
-Fashion Tape
-Bug Spray

Did I forget anything??
Michelle Paige