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If you're following me on Instagram, you may have seen that I've been wearing my Golden Goose sneakers NONSTOP lately. 

- Comfort. These are truly one of the most comfortable pairs of fashion sneakers I've ever worn. They needed no 'break in' time. I was able to slip them on right away and wear them for a full day.

- No fear in keeping them clean. I know, 'why would you buy dirty sneakers?' but isn't that like asking 'why would you buy jeans that are ripped?' I've owned so many pairs of white sneakers over the year and I get so disappointed when they start to get scuffed up and dirty. This pair takes the worry out of wearing them in bad weather or in the city and being nervous of getting them dirty since they already have the distressing!

- They are expensive. This is the only con that I can think of is the price. These sneakers average around $500 which is a lot for a pair of shoes. However, they are made of high quality Italian leather & no two pairs are exactly the same. Also, I try to shop based on the 'cost per wear' theory and since I've worn them a ton already, I found them to be worth the investment. 

- Get a pair that match with everything. I originally wanted to get a leopard pair of Golden Goose sneakers but ended up going with a more neutral white & gray pair. I'm really glad I did since they match with everything. While the brand makes a ton of crazy color/glitter pairs of sneakers, I recommend getting a pair that has neutral shades so you can get the most use out of them.

- No-show socks. I've read that some people don't wear any socks with these sneakers but I've always opted to wear no-show socks with my sneakers. I love the pairs that LOFT sell.

- True to Size fit. I ordered my true to size sneaker size and they fit perfectly!

Any other questions about these sneakers? Comment below!

Michelle Paige