What's the opposite of a hoarder? I love cleaning, organizing & purging but there are actually certain items that I believe you should keep no matter what! Below are 3 items you should keep forever...

louis vuitton speedy bag

1. Your First Designer Purchase. My parents bought me my first designer bag, a Louis Vuitton Speedy bag. I remember it was hiding in the closet of our summer house on my birthday & I was so, so shocked/excited. I used the bag all the time for the first few years after I got it & thought I was so grown up & so cool. As time passed, the bag was in rotation less & less but I still can't bring myself to part with it and I don't think I ever will.  Instead, I keep it on display in my bedroom. There's something about your first designer purchase that is special & even though I didn't purchase it with my own money, I know how much my parents spent on it & because they bought it for me, it's probably even more special to me than if I purchased it for myself.

2. Anything with Sentimental Value. For me, most of the items that have sentimental value are pieces of jewelry, bracelets or earrings that my parents have given me or a necklace or purse that my grandmothers passed down to me. I have a few outfits that are super important to me too - my wedding dress and shoes obviously and my outfit from my first date with Jody. Lucky for me, it was a classic black dress, so not only do I plan to keep it forever, but I also still wear it often. 

3. Items you Picked up while Traveling.  I've bought a ton of souvenirs while traveling over the year (anklets from family vacations, necklace from vacations with Jody, Christmas ornaments from everywhere we visit) and I have trouble parting with any of them. Most pieces I don't even wear or use anymore, but every time I see them, I am reminded of a great trip that I went on! Plus - items from small boutiques & souvenir shops are unique and most likely won't be found elsewhere. Hang on to those!

Did I miss an item that should be kept forever?

Michelle Paige