Any other flat chested gals out there? Most days, I actually really don't mind my teeny, tiny chest. It's nice to be able to wear bralettes (or nothing) & work out without bouncing all over, but sometimes I see those photos of those gals with great cleavage & I think 'gimme that!' (We all want what we don't have sometimes, amiright?)

When Upbra reached out to offer me the chance to try one of their bras, I was skeptical. This bra company was promising the ultimate life & cleavage, no matter what type of of chest you are working with. In college, it took chicken cutlets, 2 bras & safety pins to fake some cleavage; I didn't think there was any possibility that this one bra would be able to pull it off!

And yet, I put on the bra - adjusted the straps inside for my desired cleavage & push up & ta-da, all of a sudden, boobs appeared! I personally felt like I looked a little un-natural because I know the real deal ;) but to an outsider, it looked totally normal!

Before Upbra

After Upbra

Shop: Upbra (available styles include strapless, convertible, t-shirt & swim!)

To learn more about Upbra, check out this video to see how it works
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Michelle Paige