Kicking off 2018 on a positive note by chatting about 5 things I am excited for this year!

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5. Moving Out. OK - to be honest, I'm actually a little nervous about this one. I have lived with my parents & sister my whole life (with the exception of college) but I love living here & being surrounded by them all the time so the thought of living without them and being on my own makes me nervous but I am excited to live with Jody and decorate our own place!

4. Jody graduating the Police Academy. Another big thing that I am half excited/half worried about but in case you didn't know, J is on his way to becoming one of NY's finest! It's a really exciting time but I have a feeling I'm going to worry about him extra for the next 25 years. Any other police officer wives/girlfriends out there?

3. Launch of Paramount Network. I don't normally talk about my day job on my blog, but I work in television & towards the end of last year, my network got combined with another network so we could help launch a new network: Paramount Network (not a movie channel). I'm really excited about the shows that the network is coming out with & can't wait for you all to check it out! Paramount Network launches 1/18/18.

2. New & Continued Blogger Opportunities. I am feeling totally revitalized for the new year and am excited about a bunch of content that I plan to create for you! (If you have any specific suggestions for posts, let me know!!) 

1. Our Wedding! Duh - time is going SO fast. I can't believe we are entering 2018 & getting married this year! The planning process has been relatively easy & fun & I'm excited to continue the planning in 2018. I can't wait to celebrate with all of our family & friends and of course to marry Jody! <3

Obviously, there are many more things to be excited about this year, friend's weddings, traveling, holidays & new traditions, plus many things that I don't know about yet!!

What are you looking forward to this year?

Michelle Paige