As I mentioned last week, the weather has been absolutely freezing, so it only makes sense that today's post is about outerwear. I'm sharing outerwear styles to wear during different weather forecasts & temperatures. 

30 degrees & below - Down Coat
Basically, if the temperature is cold enough to snow, it's cold enough to need a down jacket. I love my North Face parka & rely on it when the weather gets below freezing. To combat the wind, I recommend adding a coordinating scarf, hat & gloves!

30's & sunny or 40's - Wool Coat
I love this coat style for when it's cold but not totally freezing. A heavy wool coat with a hood or high collar will keep you extra warm. I wear my neutral coat from J Crew every chance I get. It's a classic color!

50-60's & Raining - Rain Coat
Obviously anytime it is raining, you will want some type of waterproof coat. If you plan to wear a traditional rain coat, I recommend making sure the temperatures are 50's or above since I don't find these coats to be traditionally very warm. I lived in my raincoat in Alaska - with a few warm layers underneath, it worked for all of the chilly, rainy days that we experienced during our trip!

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60's & Sunny - Leather Jacket or Bomber
If you ask me, 60's & sunny sounds like an ideal temperature, especially for someone who loves getting dressed! This weather is perfect for light layers that complement your look, so try a leather jacket for an edgy style, or a bomber jacket for a more athletic style.

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70's & Raining - Trench Coat
Not sure about your trench coat (because I know they come in different thicknesses), but mine isn't all that heavy. When I wear it, it's more of a rainy day staple on hot days when I don't want to get my outfit all wet. If your trench coat is a little thicker, I would say you could wear yours down to 60 degree & rainy days too. I love that a trench adds some timeless styling to my outfits every time I wear it.

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70's & 80's (but spending most of your time in AC) - Denim Jacket
When it's this warm, it doesn't usually seem like you need a jacket at all, but if you are spending most of your time indoors, you might be surrounded by AC and need a bit of a jacket. During these scenarios, I always reach for my denim jacket! I love that this lightweight piece adds just a touch of warmth during the summers, but is cute enough to be part of my outfit.

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Did I leave any coat styles out? Do you want to see any of these styled in a new way? Let me know in the comments section below!

Michelle Paige

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