Adjusting into my new title of  'bride to be' has been lots of fun! People certainly shower you with attention, gifts & lots of love and support.  Anyone can buy something off a registry, but picking out something personalized or meaningful is extra special! Today I'm sharing a few great gift ideas for a 'bride to be'.


1. champagne glasses & champagne

2. ring dish (I love this sweet one for $30)

3. anything that says 'bride'. (This is such a fun time - go overboard with 'bride' items! Love this tote bag - only $32!)

4. anything that says 'Mrs.' (Remember, once married you are Mrs. forever! Get a cute keepsake like a pair of earrings for under $50)

5. something monogrammed with her new initials (I got a cute pullover sweatshirt from my sister in law to be ;). I also love this scarf idea!)

6. something monogrammed with the wedding date (think a necklace or picture frame)

7. a bridal planner (planners were one of my favorite gifts & are something I use daily! I have this one & this one)

What's the best gift you've ever given or received? 

Michelle Paige