Today's post is a round up of those summer staples, the no-fail pieces, outfits your can wear summer after summer & know you will be comfortable & on trend! Below are my top four pieces to wear year after year:
1. Denim Shorts - If there's one casual item I love in the summer, it's my denim shorts! I wear my denim shorts everywhere - from out to dinner, to the beach, to running errands on the weekends. In fact, the more I wear them, the better they get They are the ultimate summer staples & look great with outfits ranging from dressed up to super casual to boho. 

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2. Gingham Print - Next up is my ultimate summer print! Floral prints definitely work through the warm weather months, but nothing screams summer quite like gingham! I am always wary of this print looking too much like a picnic table, so my tip is to stick to neutrals like black, navy or gray rather than red. 

3. The Color White - My favorite summer color? White! I know it's the obvious choice, but it happens to be my favorite for summer. You can add touches of white into your outfits or go full monochrome with lots of white. I usually like to get as much white as possible during the summer :) Everything from white jeans, to white dresses to white shoes!

4. Rompers/Jumpsuits - Now, we all love a good sundress during the summer. They are easy, keep you cool & come in endless styles/colors but often times I find a jumpsuit or romper to be just as easy & even more comfortable since you don't have to worry about flashing anyone due to the wind or how you are seated. ;) For these reasons, naturally, jumpsuits/rompers had to be added to my list of must haves for summer.

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I gotta be honest with you guys, I definitely overestimated how much Wifi would be available on my cruise! It's been tough to keep up with commenting/blogging while I've been away, but bear with me for a few more days & I promise I'll be getting back to all of you when I return home from my trip! In the meantime, you can see what I've been up to on Instagram @michelle_orsi

Michelle Paige

Last week, we loved the way Joi from In My Joi & Andrea from Living on Cloud Nine styled the color yellow!