When the Nordstorm Anniversary sale started, I wanted a ton of items immediately, but I really took a moment to think about what I needed and narrow down my shopping cart a bit.  What was I really needing for fall? Brown booties.  I had a pair of Sam Edelman booties for years & absolutely loved them, but because of that, I also wore them to death until the outer suede was actually peeling off towards the end of this winter.  It was definitely time for a new pair and what better time to shop than the NSale?  I also love using the Nordstrom sale as a time to stock up on fall essentials! I stuck to a bunch of neutral basics that can be worn on repeat in the coming months!

Sizing:  TTS (true to size); ordered size 6
Colors: Khaki, Dark Grey, Chocolate, Burgundy, Black
Overall: I really like these booties, but I don't really like this bootie in the khaki color that I ordered.  The distressing on the toe compared to the color of the rest of the boot is much darker and almost looked like the toe was wet. I think in a darker shade like chocolate or black this bootie would be perfect. 
Keep/Return: Returned

Sizing: TTS ( I think); ordered size 6.5
Colors: Camel
Overall: In regards to my uncertainty in the sizing, I ordered these booties a half size up since that's all they were available in at the time. They were slightly too big on me for daily wear, but if this boot magically is in stock in your size I think it's a must have.  I have actually wanted the Kinsey boot style for years but was told they were discontinued so when I saw them ON SALE on the Nordstrom site, I ordered them immediately.  It was really tough sending them back because I love this boot style, but TTS is definitely the way to go in this style.
Keep/Return: Returned - but only because they were too big
Sizing: TTS with a thick sock; ordered size 6
Colors: Sand, Chestnut, Black
Overall: This was one of my favorite brown booties that I received and I came REALLY close to keeping it, but for me personally, I like a toe shape that is a bit more rounded or almond and these were just too pointy for me.  But they are so comfortable, a great heel height & a great price at under $100 during the N Sale.
Keep/Return: It was a close one, but I returned these

Sizing: TTS with a thin sock; ordered size 6
Colors: Stone (on sale), Warm Grey, Macaroon, Black
Overall: Ok, so these boots are definitely more gray than brown but I ordered them anyway since they are on sale for a great deal during the N Sale and I have a love for Rag & Bone booties. They are a great heel height and flattering shape on my foot. I understand these are pricey boots compared to other brands, but they really are worth it if you take care of them properly.  I've had another pair of Rag & Bone booties for years and they still are in great shape. 
Keep/Return: These are admittedly still sitting in my room since I fell in love with them when I put them on, but don't really need a new pair of gray booties.  Hmm...TBD

Sizing: TTS; ordered size 6
Colors: Chestnut, Black
Overall:  When I took this bootie out of the box, I honestly thought it was going to be the one I was going to keep.  The chestnut color was so rich & I loved the simplicity of it. However when I slipped it on, I immediately noticed an issue - you could see my socks!  This is a great transitional bootie for sure, but I am looking for a pair that I can wear all fall & winter & going sock-less in the winter is just not an option in NY.  If you live in a warmer climate or are just looking for a bootie for the next few months, I highly recommend this one.
Keep/Return: Returned

Size: TTS or size down; ordered size XS & Small
Colors: Olive, Gray, White
Overall: I love this top. I originally ordered this tunic in a size small and it was too big and long so I reordered it for a size XS. It is still oversize but not as large or long and looks great paired with jeans! I wish it was still available in white because this top would make the perfect classic white button down.
Keep/Return: Kept size XS

Size: TTS or size up for looser fit; ordered size small
Colors: Ivory, Black
Overall: I really liked this sweater (great fit, cozy knit, etc) until I looked in the mirror.  I had 2 issues with it - 1. it was slightly too sheer for me (definitely a piece you would want a tank underneath). 2. There were some weird seams that landed right on my stomach and weren't that flattering. You can't see the seams on the model on the Nordstrom site but I found them to be too distracting where they landed on my body personally. 
Keep/Return: Returned

Size: For oversize fit, size up; ordered size small
Colors: Black, Grey, Red, Tan
Overall: I want this sweater in all available colors. It is such a soft knit & is perfectly oversized without looking too large.  I love the styling on one of Nordstrom's models that shows this sweater layered over a white button down - perfect for winter.
Keep/Return: Kept

Size: TTS, ordered size XS
Colors: White Plaid, Black Plaid, Olive Plaid
Overall: I am not a big plaid flannel person, but I LOVE this top! It is lightweight, soft & the plaid pattern is aligned really nicely.  I would definitely recommend snatching up this top in as many prints as possible; it is sure to be a fall staple. I love the white plaid.
Keep/Return: Kept

Size: TTS, ordered size XS
Colors: Grey, Burgundy
Overall: I had originally wanted the non hooded version of this cardigan but it sold out so quickly that I decided to try out the hooded style.  I am so glad I did.  It's such a soft material and the hood is actually a nice, cozy added detail. 
Keep/Return: Kept

Size: Runs small, size up. Ordered size Medium
Colors: Aqua, Blue Tye Die, Pink Floral, Grey Camo
Overall: I am currently typing this post while wearing this sweatshirt. It is a bit more lightweight than I had thought, but I love that about it since I can get away with wearing it with shorts during the summer. Each print is custom so they all look a little different & distressed - another aspect that I love about this piece. I definitely recommend sizing up in this piece. I ordered a size medium and it fit like a small; I even considered ordering a size large but thought the sweatshirt might be too large.
Keep/Return: Kept

Size: Runs slightly big, size down - ordered size small
Colors: Olive, Stripes
Overall: I loved the style of this dress.  It was long sleeve but light weight which makes it a great transitional piece, however for me personally, I found it to run slightly big.
Keep/Return: Kept

Size: ordered size small
Colors: Grey
Overall: I ordered this top with a few other items and while those items arrived, this one never made it to my house! :( So there's not much I can say about it at this point.  Nordstrom Customer Service was super gracious & tried to get a new sweater sent to me but my size was sold out, so this is obviously a popular item. If you get your hands on it, let me know what you think!
Keep/Return: N/A

If you have any additional questions about any of the pieces that I ordered, leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer you!

The sale ends this Friday! Get shopping before it's too late!!

Michelle Paige

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