You probably know Kleenex brand for their tissues, but did you know they now have a facial cleansing line??  It's true! Recently, Kleenex launched a full facial line designed to help women feel their best & bring out your skin's natural radiance.  The line includes products like cleansing wipes, exfoliating cushions, cotton pads, eye makeup remover pads & shine reducing sheets.  

I found each of these products to be super useful while I was in a hurry.  My makeup was easily removed with the quick, simple swipe of a wipe. My favorite part of this line is the high quality of each product. Every cleansing pad/wipe/cloth that I use is just as soft as the tissues the Kleenex brand is known for.

The product that has joined by daily routine most regularly are the eye makeup remover pads.  Taking off my mascara before cleansing my face at night has never been easier thanks to these cotton pads that are already moistened with remover!  One simple step and all of my eye makeup disappears.

Another favorite of mine is the exfoliating cushions. By just adding water & gently buffing, you are left with smoother, brighter skin! For a short time, click here to receive a free sample of the exfoliating cushions

Shop the entire Kleenex facial cleansing collection (c/o) exclusively here

Michelle Paige