A few weeks ago, I talked about some new products that I started using to keep my hair healthy during these next few cold months and then I realized that really my favorite hair product is one you can pick up at almost any Walmart location: my Goody Hairbrush! (palm to forehead smack)

I recently got Goody's newest hairbrush the Clean Radiance, which massages the scalp and enhances shine as you brush.  No matter what 'do I am creating in my hair,  a great style always seems to start with a great brush.

I wear my hair down and wavy ALL the time, but when I have some extra time in the mornings, I do like to try some easy styles...especially braids.  SO today I am sharing one of my favorite short hair braided styles with you all!

I like to start with freshly blow dried straight-ish hair. Before I start braiding my hair, it is so important to make sure it is tangle free.  When I run into a knot while braiding, I usually panic and end up starting over so a good brushing is needed before I get started.  The Clean Radiance hairbrush by Goody is made with copper bristles so it not only de-tangles but reduces build up & massages my scalp to add lots of healthy shine to my hair!

On to the braid --- I start right at the top of my part with 3 strands and braid my hair into a french dutch braid until I hit the area around my ears.  French Dutch simply means I wrap the strands of hair UNDER each other rather than over.  I also add additional pieces of hair each time I wrap a strand of hair.  This creates a braid that is slightly elevated away off of my scalp.  

When I hit my ear area, I simply finish off the braid down to the bottom, no longer adding additional pieces of hair.  I tie it off until later and repeat the whole process on the other side of my head.

 Once both braids are done and tied, I then add some volume and curl to my hair.  I do this step now because I find it to be much easier to braid hair when it is straight and also because why would you waste time curling your entire head only to braid half of it up? ;)

 OPTIONAL: For fuller braids, slightly tug/massage at each loop of the braid.  By separating each loop, the braid as a whole will look fuller and thicker. 

 Then I take both braids and bobby pin back against your head.  Did you know that the proper way to use a bobby pin is bumpy side down?  The FLAT side is the one that should be on top.  This will allow the pin get a better grip on your hair!

I add a bit of hair spray and around my entire head and that's it! You're done!

Pick up your Clean Radiance hairbrush & Goody hair accessories at Walmart locations now!

Michelle Paige

This post is done in partnership with Acorn  Influence & Goody.  All thoughts/opinions are my own.