Last week I debuted my new shorter bob for spring.  I love having my hair shorter - I think it looks so chic & makes me look a bit older (since normally I look around 17...), but I will admit that even though I have less hair, I spend more time each morning styling it.  Gone are the days of throwing it back into a ponytail or braid...

Since I've noticed so many ladies getting chopped lately, I thought I would share my daily hair styling how to --

Disclaimer: I am NO vlogger, so I did my best to write out my routine step by step, but of course if anything is unclear, feel free to ASK!

1. Fresh out of the shower, since my hair is naturally wavy, I like to let it air dry about 80% percent so I can let the natural kinks & curls form.  I then blow dry while my head is UPSIDE DOWN and finger comb through to give my hair volume at the roots. Be sure to use some type of heat protector on your hair to keep it from getting overly damaged!

2. Once completely dry, I use a tapered wand (1.5 to 1 inch) instead of a curling iron (no clamp) to finesse my wave into less frizzy and more even curls.   Simply wrap random sections around the wand, leaving the ends of your hair OUT.  This will create more of a wave than a full-on curl & will leave you with an edgier look overall.

Style Tip: I have heard that to make the waves look more natural, you can alternate curling pieces towards & away from your face.  However, the best trick that I have learned to curl each piece AWAY from your face.  

Style Tip: If your hair is naturally curly/wavy & you air dried it, you shouldn't need to worry too much about the under layers or the back of your head.  They should have a decent amount of texture & wave naturally, so you can work through those pretty quickly.

3.  Once your hair is curled, go ahead and finger comb it out.  I know, all that work just to mess it up?  But trust me, the waves will stay & this is how you get that undone, effortless look.   I use a variety of products to assist in achieving the final look - dry shampoo, salt spray, hairspray, texturizing spray. Start with a little - you can always add more.  My favorites are below; all are lightweight, non-greasy & non-sticky.

Note: This style works on hair of all lengths, so even if your hair isn't a bob, you can absolutely follow these steps to achieve the perfect undone, beach waves style.

If you have any questions/comments regarding my hair styling, be sure to leave them below!

Michelle Paige

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