I am so excited to announce my blog's second giveaway starting TODAY I have teamed up with beFREE Designs to host a giveaway of her designs for FOUR of you lucky readers!

"I love creating jewelry that speaks life. Jewelry you can wear everyday as a reminder of how valuable you are, how brave you are, how loved you are. Words have power. I want to use my jewelry as a way to speak words of life, strength, and freedom. "- via beFREE Designs Etsy page

 Option 1: 'Joy' Necklace

Option 2: Beaded Necklace

 Option 3: Beaded Bracelets

 Option 4: 'Loved' Necklace 

I came across beFREE Designs on Instagram and not only was impressed with the jewelry itself, but more importantly with the message behind each piece. Even better, was how lovely the packages were when the jewelry arrived.  Each piece comes with the perfect pick-me-up note to remind you how wonderful you are!

The jewelry is dainty enough to be worn daily, and would look great paired with almost any outfit.  beFREE Designs is also currently in the process of releasing some extra special holiday pieces; so if you are on the hunt for a great gift, check out beFREE Designs on Etsy.

Michelle Paige