In the past, I shared 3 items you should keep forever & the post was a hit, so I want to do a follow up post on items worth splurging on. I am a full believer of the cost per wear theory, where the more you spend on something, the more often you should be able to wear it.

The theory here is that buying & wearing a $50 pair of shoes once or twice is less effective than splurging on a $300 pair of shoes and wearing them 20 times. 
 The cost of wearing those expensive shoes each time means they are only $15 per wear, and the more you wear them, the lower the price goes! Of course, this is a really simplified example but hopefully you understand the idea I'm getting at. I try to follow this idea with everything I buy as I've gotten older, but do so more so in the following categories:

1. Shoes
2. Bags
3. Outerwear
4. Jewelry

These 4 categories are areas where I am more likely to splurge because I know that I will have the items for a long time and wear them over and over and over again. Some examples include my Golden Goose sneakers which probably cost about $5 per wear at this point and my David Yurman bracelets which have paid for themselves in full at this point; I never take them off and they are still in such great shape.  Hopefully one day, I can even pass some of these items down to a daughter (if I'm lucky enough to have one!) In the meantime, I'm happy sharing with my mom & sister; another way that makes these items more affordable in the sense of cost per wear.

Does this theory make sense to you?
Do you follow it while shopping?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Michelle Paige

PS. Check out how these lovely ladies style their heirloom pieces in this quarter's collaboration by The Magnificent 8.  

Grace of GRACEFUL RAGS representing teenagers.
Michelle of MICHELLE’S PA(I)GE representing the 20-somethings.
Roxanne of GLASS OF GLAM representing the 30-somethings.
Shelbee of SHELBEE ON THE EDGE representing the 40-somethings.
Rena of FINE WHATEVER representing the 50-somethings.
Eugenia of AGE OF GRACE representing the 60-somethings.
Nancy of JODIE’S TOUCH OF STYLE representing the 70-somethings.

Charlotte of JODIE’S TOUCH OF STYLE representing the 80-somethings.