Now that Jody & I have lived together for over a year, I'm kind of an expert (LOL, JUST KIDDING) but I do have some tips that made moving in together & adjusting to our new place more manageable! Check out my tips below & let me know if you have any additional suggestions.

Having a movie night on the pull out couch in the living room 😁

1. Be sure about it! My number one tip is not to rush this decision. Living together changes everything. When Jody & I got married, we didn't feel any differently afterwards; we just had a big party to celebrate our relationship! The big change was buying our own place & moving in together. I definitely recommend chatting about finances, schedules & lifestyle before making the big decision to move in to make sure it's the right choice for both of you.

2. Decorate together. You will never 100% agree on all decor so this is an area to COMPROMISE! Your husband wants a photo of lions over the bed (like mine did) - say yes. When you find the perfect pink chair for your bedroom corner (like I did) - he'll be more likely to say yes. Your place should reflect the two of you!

3. Share the chores. With a new place comes new responsibilities, so it's important to designate and split the chores. Jody & I bought a mini white board to put on our fridge and we leave notes & to-do lists for each other. We also try really hard to vocalize our appreciation for the other person when they do a chore that you hate doing. When I called Jody this morning, I made sure to thank him for doing the dishes I left in the sink the night before.

4. Watch shows together. Jody still loves playing video games & I love reading but we try to watch some TV shows together during the week. It's a great way to wind down and relax at the end of a busy day. We both love watching hockey games, The Bachelor, The Rookie, Dancing with the Stars, etc and also recently binged The Boys on Amazon & The Mandolorian on Disney+. 

5. Don't stop dating each other. Even though you live together & see each other all the time now, it's important to still get out of the house for a nice dinner or a fun activity every once in a while. Staying home can get boring so make sure to keep it fun. If you can't go out, try ordering in food from a new restaurant or having a movie night or a game night. 

Do you have any tips to share from living with your partner? Share them with me below!

Michelle Paige