A must-have for our wedding venue: a bit of that “wow factor.” I think the Old Field Club ballroom provided enough wow for a lifetime. I literally gasped out loud the first time I saw this room & then again when I saw this photo 
Sharing 10 things I learned during the wedding planning process

A cozy cardigan is always a good idea, bonus points if you add a headband (I’m obsessed with this one lately 😉) 
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all the feels for the getting ready wedding photos
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These slides, still on repeat 
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Hello Sunshine

 Hanging with our buddy Elvis the alligator in Ft Lauderdale

Tips for keeping an agenda, organizing your closet & making the most of the tools on your phone
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My latest Stitch Fix Try On
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One of my favorite parts of our wedding were our outfits! We both had outfit changes.  When Jody heard I bought a second dress, he got himself a crisp white shirt, new pocket square & sneakers for the reception!
Reception photos here

Tried Kristen Ess Temporary Tint in Rose gold to give myself some pink hair! It’s an in shower spray that you apply while your hair is wet or damp. Lasts for 1-3 washes!
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To help me along with my workouts I downloaded an audio fitness app that not only tells me what to, but keeps me motivated & has awesome playlists! 
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