A new year is a fresh start for so many people. It's a time of clean slates, resolution making, and looking ahead. At the beginning of the year, I try to take a few weeks to get organized and start off the new year on the right foot with good habits!

3 areas to organize in 2019:

1. Your Closet - There's never a better time to organize your closet than a new year. This really applies to any closet (pantry, linen, coat closet, etc) but if you're like me, the closet that could use the most organizing is your wardrobe. When I really want to overhaul my closet, I take everything out and start with a clean slate. Go through each piece and either put it back in your closet or toss it in a donate pile. I try to organize my space by type followed by color. I actually did a full post about how I keep my closet organized - you can read it here.

2. Your Phone - If your phone is anything like mine, it is THE information hub for your whole life. I have so many photos, emails, notes to self, etc stored in my phone. At the beginning of a new year, try to comb through your phone. Delete any duplicate photos or photos you don't need anymore. Unsubscribe to some of the email chains you ended up on. Delete any notes to self that no longer apply and delete any apps that are just taking up space on your phone. It's refreshing to do and almost makes it feel like you treated yourself to a new phone. 
I also got myself some new phone accessories from iDecoz for the new year. In addition to a fresh phone case, I got a pocket card case, a mirror & a phone grip that attach to my case. The phone pocket is great for work days because I can keep my work ID in the case and don't need to remember to grab it when I'm rushing off to meetings. I also really love the phone mirror - gone are the days of checking my teeth or doing my makeup in the front facing camera on my phone. The mirror is so handy but also super glam on my phone. Lastly, is the phone ring grip which also doubles as a stand for your phone. I'm really not sure how it took me so long to get one of these. It's SO handy for watching videos or just holding on to your phone.
You can shop all of my accessories at iDecoz.

3. Your Planner - I started carrying a planner with me in 2018 to help me keep track of all of my wedding appointments, but it turned into such a great tool to have on me at all times. I just bought myself a new 2019 agenda book and have already started adding in vacation time, birthdays and key dates to remember! Within each month, I add reminders to pay our bills, plans/appointments that I have and notes to myself. If you don't carry a planner, I highly recommend investing in one and trying it out this year. It helped me immensely to keep track of my scheduling and to-do list!

Phone Accessories: c/o iDecoz | Planner: Vera Bradley

How are you getting organized for the new year?

Michelle Paige