I know I keep saying it, but I really can't wait for spring! I have prematurely started wearing my open toed shoes & dresses already!  Lucky for me, we've had some days that truly felt like spring last weekend & this week, but according to the weather, it's supposed to get cold again, so who knows how long this weather will last. Thinking optimistically that the weather will stay warm , I'm sharing a few transitional winter to spring weather must haves today. Read on to find out what they are!

1. Light Weight Jacket. Once the weather is warm enough, one of the first things to be stored away are my winter coats. Instead I opt for a leather jacket, denim jacket or trench coat. These jacket styles will still keep you warm but are much more warm weather friendly.

2. Light Weight Sweaters. Because it is still February/March, putting away your sweaters for good probably isn't in the cards just yet, but you can start wearing your lightweight sweaters more often. Also, opt for sweaters that come in spring shades like yellow, blush or blue.

3. Lots of Denim. Let's be honest, I wear lots of denim all year round, but there is no time like the spring to invest in some new denim styles. I have my long time favorites: denim jackets, skinny jeans, etc that I wear into the spring but also use the change of seasons as a chance to style some trendy denim styles. (Next week, I'll be wearing patched denim!)

4. A Midi Dress. As I'm wearing in this post, a midi dress is the perfect length for the end of winter/beginning of spring. It keeps you slightly warmer than a mini dress would (you can even wear cropped leggings underneath!) & hides my not-yet-tanned legs ;)

5. New Shoes/Bags! If there's one thing you can start switching out immediately, it's your shoes & bags! Start wearing some colorful accessories to welcome spring in. Even jewelry & sunglasses can be updated for spring & you don't have to wait to do this! I have been loving wearing these Vince Camuto booties since I got them. The black bootie style doesn't scream warm weather but the cutouts & peep toe make them perfect for the transitional weather.

Jacket: American Eagle | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Shoes: Vince Camuto (went down one full size) | Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Michelle Paige