Before Irresistible Me extensions
After Irresistible Me extensions

I decided to cut my hair short about a year and a half ago and I never looked back. I love having my lob haircut & think it has the ability to actually make me look more mature! But there are certain days where I really miss having long hair.  When I heard about Irresistible Me clip in extensions, I knew I had to try them out!

Irresistible Me makes 100% natural, clip in, hair extensions. I chose the Golden Blonde silky touch extensions & was so surprised by how beautiful & soft they were when they arrived.  I was also shocked how many clip ins were included.  I have thin hair so I used less than half of the clips, but for any ladies with longer or thicker hair that are worried about the number of extensions you would receive, my box from Irresistible Me included 10 pieces!  One extra large clip (4 clasps), 2 large clips (3 clasps), 5 medium clips (2 clasps) & 2 small clips (1 clasp)!

 It was so fun to channel my inner bombshell with all this hair! I had forgotten how fun it was to play with and run my fingers through my hair. I will admit it did take a lot of trial and error to get these looking natural, but I think the turnout was worth it & now I find it so fun to use the clip ins so switch up my hair.

Here's what I found to be helpful when I applied my extensions:

First off - they have clips! Face palm when I thought they were just supposed to latch onto my hair using the little comb.  Those combs open & close for a nice secure attachment to your hair that stayed put for hours.

Give them a trim.  I found some of my pieces to be extremely long & thin out a bit near the bottom, so I trimmed them to keep the hair looking nice & thick.  An inch off the bottom was all they needed :)

Style before application. The first time I wore them, I put the extensions in and then curled my hair & took FOREVER! After getting the hang of it, I started curling my own hair & the extensions before I attached them to my head.  This helped so much time.

Extensions: c/o Irresistible Me (wearing Golden Blonde 20 inches, 200 grams)

Do you wear extensions? What tips & tricks do you have for making them look great?

Michelle Paige