For those of you who seriously waited until the last minute to shop, not to worry, because all of these last minute gifts can be found at your local Target or drugstore!

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If running out to the store today isn't in your cards, I read somewhere that you should spend money on memories not materials - a watch will eventually break, or a bag will go out of style, but a fun memory will last forever. (Cheesy I know, but it really resonated with me!) So I also want to share a few ideas that don't include material items:

Plane tickets, tickets to a Broadway show or tickets to a sporting event are a great gift idea & one that any one you give them to will remember forever!

Pampering your family/friends/S.O. is always a nice gesture. I love the idea of being treated to a manicure & pedicure or a massage, especially after all of the stress that the holiday season can bring.

If you're short on time/cash, why not try your hand at one of those Pinterest projects you've had your eye on? A well made, homemade gift is thoughtful & inexpensive.

Hurry up! Time is ticking!

Michelle Paige