Going from freezing New York to hot & humid Puerto Rico back to still cold & dry New York, plus two extremely dry plane rides in the span of only one week has wrecked havoc on my poor skin for the past few weeks; not to mention, the daily changing temperatures in New York as the weather tries to decide if it ever wants to let spring arrive.

So, I want to take a few minutes today to discuss my latest skin savior: Lindi Skin.

"Anything applied to the skin is absorbed into the body, so it is as important to be as careful with skincare as with the food and beverages one consumes."  
As someone who struggles with extremely sensitive skin, this statement could not be more true.  I was so excited to discover Lindi Skin which uses ingredients that contain vitamins and antioxidants to keep your skin healthy.

lindi skin face wash

I was given the opportunity to test out Lindi Skin's face wash, face serum, eye hydrator and lip balm.  Each one had noticeable skin benefits after only one week of use. Most face wash's that I have used in the past tend to dry out my skin.  This face wash, on the other hand, left my skin feeling fresh & clean & even after a week of use - no dry skin, even in cold winter weather!

The eye hydrator is a gel formula designed to protect & moisturize the thin skin around the eyes.  It is so smoothing & instantly made my eye area feel refreshed.

The face serum smelled so delicious (I used the citrus flavor)!  Although this serum was like a gel in texture, it was not oily and felt lightweight while applying!  

The lip balm was my favorite!  The flavor was so yummy & the balm is hydrating without being overly thick or sticky.

Face Wash | Face Serum | Eye Hydrator | Lip Balm - all c/o

Lindi Skin products are already super affordable, (another huge plus!) yet, as a special treat for Michelle's Pa(i)ge readers, Lindi Skin is offering 25% off plus free shipping on their products.  Just enter the code 'BLOG25' at checkout on lindiskin.com before May 31.

Michelle Paige