One night during our trip, we decided to head into the City of Old San Juan.  This is our third time visiting Puerto Rico & visiting Old San Juan is always one of my favorite things to do.  They have so many cute shops & fun restaurants.  Read a few more of my top Puerto Rico recommendations after the break!

This look was giving me serious Angelina Jolie leg fever.  Can you tell? :)  I love the cut of this dress - from the high halter neck to the fabulous leg slits.  It is the perfect, airy dress for an 80 degree night. 

Dress: Free People (similar) | Sandals: Michael Kors (this season) | Jewelry: Forever 21 | Bathing Suits: Victoria's Secret | Sunglasses: Ray Ban

5 Things to Do in Puerto Rico:

1. Wander around Old San Juan - The scenic photos above were taken in the City of Old San Juan.  It is such a pretty & historic little area full of great little souvenir shops & some of the yummiest restaurants. It is the perfect area to relax & walk around after a long day.

2. Spend a day in the Rain Forest - This was not our first trip to Puerto Rico, so we did not visit the rain forest this year, but we have in the past & it is so amazing! Plus, how many times does a person get to say they visited a rain forest? I'm guessing not many...

3. Visit a Castle! - This isn't exactly Cinderella's castle, but it's definitely a castle none the less. Castillo San Felipe del Morro is a 16th century fort turned museum right on the water in San Juan. Lighthouses, dungeons & cannons included.

4. Check out Bio Bay - This one, we REALLY wanted to do, but it sells out fast, so unfortunately, we were out of luck.  This excursion takes you on a tour through the glowing waters of Bio Bay.  How? The half plant/half animal organisms in the water emit a bluish color at night lighting up the entire bay.  Pretty neat, huh?

5.  Relax on the beach - If nothing else, make sure you grab a good book, a cold drink & RELAX.  The white sands & blue ocean are the perfect location for relaxation, so I highly recommend taking advantage of it!

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